Saturday, May 12, 2012

Turtle Trek at Sea World Orlando

Turtle Trek

     Sea World has opened Turtle Trek the world's first 3D 360 dome theater experience. In the film you follow a sea turtle from birth through life. As she makes her quest across the ocean she has encounters with a variety of other sea life. Against the odds she makes it past all the crabs and birds to make it into the ocean. There she will face new challenges. Sharks are not the only dangers turtles face. Even plastic bags pose a threat. They resemble tasty jelly fish as they float by and if eaten it can be fatal.  The film is action packed and exciting. Sea World has also done a live action documentary called Turtle: The Incredible Journey. Attempting a perilous odyssey its ancestors have undertaken for millions of years, one loggerhead turtle swims from a beach in Florida across the Atlantic Ocean, encountering stunning sea creatures as well as serious hazards created by modern man.
     The line had holding areas with large viewing windows into the Manatee rescue habitat. Then you move to the next area where you get to see live sea turtles that have been saved by Sea Worlds rescue program. This area is narrated by a host who shared some great insights into what Sea World's rescue efforts over the years. From there it's time to get your 3-D glasses and head into the dome. All viewing areas are good but we liked the area between the podium in the center and the door. The 3-D is good and gives you a real feeling of being immersed in the world of sea turtles. 

    After the film there is an area with an above the water view of the habitats you just were viewing. You can also play Race for the Beach Game for the kids to play. Be sure to get your picture taken with the life size statue of the manatee Mother and her calf.

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