Saturday, July 14, 2012

Keeping cool outside the pool.

Summer time in Florida can be hot. With this summer heat wave breaking records all over the United States it is good to know that there are areas in the local theme parks that you can cool off. Often they are set up with the kids in mind. It’s a good idea to make sure that your kids have an outfit that can get wet. Adults can get into the fun as well so wear the right clothes when you head out each day. Some rides are themed around water and it’s a safe bet that you will get wet if not soaked on the rides. Bring some zip lock bags for your phone and wallet.
Another way to beat the heat is to be at the parks early. In the morning the lines are shorter and the heat is lower. As the heat picks up, take that time to watch some indoor shows to cool off. Drink plenty of water and wear at hat. Welcome to Florida, now go have some fun in the sun.

Here is a quick list of the water areas in the theme parks.
Magic Kingdom:  Casey Jr Splash and soak station. Fantasyland.
SeaWorld: Shamus Harbor.
Busch Gardens: Sesame Street Area.
Epcot Center: Fountain area by World Showcase.
Universal Studios: Curious George.
Islands of Adventure: Dr Sussex.
Animal Kingdom: Kali river rapids.
Hollywood Studios: Honey I shrunk the kids.
Legoland: Water Park.

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