Thursday, August 30, 2012


Ever wanted to see it all? In just 1 day? That's a lot of Disney to fit into 14 hours. But we did it! 
@ 8:00am we started our grand trek in Hollywood Studios. We were given a nice cloth bag with a mister, a water bottle, and a Disney Photo pass DVD. Breakfast was at the Sci-fi dine in and offered a good selection of breakfast goodies. The Sci-Fi dine in is set up like an old drive in movie. Each table is made into a 50s style car and there is a big screen that shows old 50s sci-fi films. After a quick spiel by "Parker Hopper" our camp counselor and  tour guide, we headed to see one man's dream where they have some of the models used to show concept ideas for the theme parks. There is a huge model of the new Fantasyland expansion going on at the Magic Kingdom now. From there we headed through Hollywood studios past the Tower of Terror and  the Aerosmith Rocking Roller coaster. Once on the bus we received our first merit badge. One down and 8 more badges to go.  Follow along with us over the next few days as we blog about our Camp Disney 2012 experiences.

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