Monday, October 13, 2008

It's a boy at Disney's Animal Kingdom!

Male giraffe born at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

A male giraffe named Bonsu was born at Disney's Animal Kingdom Sept. 28.

The calf weighed more than 150 pounds and measured more than 6 feet tall, which is a little larger than the average size of a newborn giraffe.

Bonsu is the second calf born to adult female Nikki. Her first calf was Rori, who resides at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. Bonsu is expected to join Rori there in the coming months.

Bonsu is the latest animal birth celebrated at the theme park. Earlier this year, the park welcomed a male elephant named Tsavo in June.

"We are very excited and extremely fortunate for the success of our giraffe breeding program," said Giraffe Keeper Amy Schulz.

Source: Walt Disney World Company

Posted by: Michael Crandell

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