Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fun Spot Action Park is growing and changing.

Fun Spot Action Park is growing and changing. They have purchase 10 additional acres and they will grow from 5 acres to 15. They are adding 2 new roller coasters, one wood and one steel. They are getting a 250 ft SkyCoaster ride, and are adding a new track, new rides, and new food options. The 2 coasters will be ready soon. They will rename the park Fun Spot America. Watch for more news.

Fun Spot Action Park is getting HUGE-ER! Coming Spring 2013, Great Coaster's 2,000+ ft White Lightning wooden roller coaster, Chance Ride's 1,200+ ft Vekoma suspended family coaster, and the world's biggest SkyCoaster @ 250ft, plus many, many more Thrill rides to come! The project in its entirety will also include a newly designed Food Court. Stay tuned for more news and info as they GROW!

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